Below are some of the immediate questions you might require answers to before you send your request across to me. If there’s anything unanswered on this page, please use the contact form HERE to ask me.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Content Writer or Blog Manager?

If you’re struggling with coming up with regular fresh content for your blog or website; don’t have enough time to manage the logistics and upkeep of your blog, it will eventually drop in the search engine rankings. Each piece of new content you create leads to increased visibility online through social media channels in the short term and in the long term, a steady increase in traffic. If you can’t keep up with this yourself, you need to get someone on board to help you with it.

Do You Ghost Write Articles As Well?

Absolutely and with the strictest confidence. You gain all copyright to any content I create once the payment has been made in full.

Is a Long Term Contract Involved?

It depends on your requirements. If you want a long term, planned out content strategy, I can provide that but if you only require a few articles in the short term, I can provide that for you as well.

Do I Have to Come Up with the Topics?

Not necessarily. You can give me an idea of what you have in mind and I will come up with relevant topics that match what your audience is looking for. You are most welcome to provide topics and content outlines if you wish.

I’m Ready to Go. How Do I Contact You?

You can ask further questions or get in touch with me HERE.